Diversity Initiatives

The Commission is located within the Washington Metropolitan Area, which is one of the most diverse areas in the United States. Every person is unique - whether it is because of culture, background, family, religious beliefs, race, education, and life experiences. This diversity adds richness to our community as it also does for an organization.
It is the dynamic mix of personal and cultural characteristics, perspectives, and relationships that add to the vitality of an organization. The Commission is proud to be an employer that embraces the diversity and unique talents of each employee. The Commission created a Diversity Council to promote open dialogue and create initiatives that strengthen understanding and appreciation of individual uniqueness. The Commission believes that it is the individual uniqueness that is the common bond each employee has in enriching the organization's tapestry.
2019 Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval

Diversity Goals

The Commission:
  • Conducts all personnel activities in a way that assures equal employment opportunities on the basis of merit and encourage and administer diversity within adopted laws, operating principles, rules, and regulations
  • Demands (and rewards) behaviors in the workplace, which contribute to understanding, respecting, and valuing all individuals
  • Maximizes the agency's effectiveness through inclusive processes that benefit staff and communities alike
  • Will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or the practice of exclusion in any form
The Commission sponsors many initiatives that celebrate diversity. Events are hosted to recognize Black History Month, Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, Women's History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month. The Commission's sponsors many activities and programs for our communities' senior citizens. There are also diversity workshops and training provided to all employees to promote greater awareness and strategies to avoid misunderstandings in cross-cultural communications. These are just some of the things the Commission does to rejoice in our commitment to diversity.