Withdrawal & Refund Policy

  1. Course Withdrawals

    Withdrawals can be done online or at any staffed facility before the start of the program. Within 7 days of a program start date, withdrawals must be done by contacting the facility offering the course in which you are registered.

  2. Membership Withdrawals

    Withdrawals from memberships are only permitted for emergency/medical reasons. 

  3. Proration

    Prorated registrations and withdrawals are available for most programs and courses based on the time missed.

  4. Refund Policy

    Read the refund policy for canceled courses and withdrawals. 

  5. Rental Cancellations

    Rental Cancellation policy varies by facility. 

  6. Summer Camps & Extended Care

    Withdrawal and refund requests for fully paid or partially paid day camp registrations are subject to a $50 non-transferable, non-refundable withdrawal fee per child, per session. Withdrawal and refund requests from extended care (with continued enrollment in associated camp) will be assessed a 20% fee. 

  7. Summer Playground & Summer Xtreme Teen Centers

    Review the withdrawal and refund policy for Summer Playgrounds and Summer Xtreme Teen Centers.